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Admission and Deadlines

  • Who Can Apply?
  • As data science is an interdisciplinary field, we welcome applicants from diverse professional backgrounds
  • Interested in Data Science,
  • Familiarity with one of the programming languages
  • Application Conditions
  • Undergraduate diploma (or higher)
  • Application Assessment Criteria

ALES = 50%

Interview = 40%

Undergraduate GPA = 10%


  • Documents Requested
  • An up-to-date CV
  • A scanned copy of the transcript to be received from the undergraduate program
  • A scanned copy of the ALES result. International students may present a GRE score instead (also applicable to the Turkish citizens)
  • English proficiency certificate (TOEFL-IBT, TOEFL-PBT,+TWE, KPDS, ÜDS, YDS, YÖKDİL, UCLES). *Click here for the equivalency table.
  • Foreign national applicants are required to speak Turkish at least at B2 (TÖMER) level and certify thereof
  • An undergraduate diploma / student certificate (for graduands)
  • Photocopy of the ID Card
  • Letter of intention
  • Military status certificate
  • Diploma equivalency certificate (for applicants from universities abroad)


  • Scholarships
  • Scholarships at various levels (25-100%) can be provided for students based on their success level in terms of the admission criteria of the program.  Click here for scholarship regulations.
  • Tuition Fees
  • You can find detailed information on payment methods and fees at the Fees tab on the Financial Affairs website.



  1. Requested documents must be uploaded completely.
  2. You can re-enter the portal to upload documents for an incomplete application
  3. Interview date will be announced via email.
  4. In case of detection of deceptive information provided during the application and/or registration, all rights gained will be forfeited even if the applicant has been admitted to the program or registered.
  5. Students cannot register for multiple graduate programs simultaneously except for those without thesis.
  6. ALES requirement for applicants with a doctorate degree: An ALES score is not required for those applicants with “PhD / proficiency in art / specialty in medicine / specialty in dentistry / specialty in veterinary medicine / specialty in pharmacy” degrees who apply for a graduate program offered by TED University Graduate School. Such applicants who have not taken ALES exam will be considered to have an ALES score of 70 for all programs.